Stump Removal and jet wash services

Jet Washing and Tree Grinding Contractors

The old stump in your garden may be causing you a lot of inconveniences leave alone being a hazard to children and third parties. A garden with lots of stumps makes mowing and weed removing such a pain. At Cheshire Stump Removal, we have specialised equipment and highly trained family personnel to help you remove stumps complete with their deep underground roots.

We do more than just stump removal. We ensure that your garden is restored to its beautiful look with minimal if any traces of stump grinding or removal works. With lots of certifications behind us, we provide stump removal services in Lymm, Thelwall, and Warrington.

Our team is punctual and ensures a thorough clean up after the removal job is done. We pay attention to the smallest details because they matter in customer satisfaction. As professionals in this field, we stand behind our services and do all that is necessary to exceed your expectations. Whether you are looking for stump removal, tree removal, or tree trimming services, we are available to address your concerns.

Jet Washing Services

First impressions always counts and this is true in Lymm, Thelwall, and Warrington as it is in any other part of Cheshire. One of the ways to ensure you leave lasting impressions to your visitors, customers, or even family members is to ensure your immediate environment from driveways to walkways and other hard surfaces are thoroughly cleaned.

We have specialized jet washing equipment to make us flexible in our cleaning services. When cleaning sensitive areas, we activate our water recovery system to minimise splashing and pooling of water.

You can trust our jet wash services to bring back the wow factor in your outdoor area. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate!