Jet Washing Services

At Cheshire Stump removal and Jet wash, we let our actions speak and our customers to reaffirm our promises. We have been around for over a decade and still committed to offering jet washing services for your patios, pavements, commercial requirements and concrete services.

We offer exceptional exterior jet wash cleaning because we are experts in what we do. In cleaning your patio, we use the latest washing technology tailored to your surface. All our processes are tried and tested and we have a good understanding of the different building materials which in turn enables us to set unsurpassed cleaning standards.

We will be happy to discuss your cleaning requirements, assess the project at hand either through reviewing the images or physically visiting the premises. Knowing what you are looking for and your budget, helps us to use the most appropriate and cost-efficient cleaning approach to deliver the best outcome possible.

Jet Washing and Tree Grinding Contractors

Our jet wash patio process consists of the following

  • Taking the brief – Here, we discuss your requirements, fully understand them before undertaking the work. Any special requirements will also be discussed at this point such as access requirements and time preferences.

Providing an estimate – When we fully understand what you need in your patio wash, we will then proceed to give you an estimate covering the entire cleaning work. We make the estimate as accurate as possible.

Pressure Washing Company

The success of your residential and commercial cleaning tasks largely depends on the company you choose to do the job. The question of whether you should do the cleaning yourself or hire a pressure washing company depends on the degree of dirt or stain on the surfaces. Most of the customers we have serviced had been stuck in a DIY cycle without seeing real results.

Our pressure washing company fully understands all the cleaning scenarios and their respective solutions. We offer excellent our jest washing services services tailored to your unique needs. We know when to add those special solvents and chemicals to give you a thorough and squeaky-clean surface.

All the products we use are certified and suitable for outdoor and indoor cleaning. We have invested heavily in green technologies so as to minimize or eliminate any exposure of our clients to toxic substances. For jet washing services for hire in Lymm and Altrincham, look no further than Cheshire jest wash Cleaning. We are here to serve you!

Contact us on the number above to book an appointment.