Stump Removal and Grinding in Hale

Stump Removal and Jet Washing Services

Trees, stumps, or bushes that stand in the way can make your attractive garden in Bowden, Hale and Knutsford unattractive and can be a hazard. If this describes your garden, we can help you through our range of tree stump removal and grinding services. We handle projects of different scales depending on your need.

Having been in this industry for such a long time, we have invested heavily in equipment and manpower. We have stump grinders of all sizes while for the smaller we have machines to allow narrow access to get to the stumps, we have grinders capable of clearing gaps of up to 30 inches in width. Our grinders can go through houses, up and down solid steps using ramps to gain access. This simply means that irrespective of the complexity and inaccessibility of your tree stump removal project, we can handle it.

Before the stump removal exercise begins, we trim the stump using a top-quality chainsaw so that we can bring it to a manageable height for grinding. Everyone in Bowden, Hale and Knutsford knows us for our specialty in big stumps. We always focus on the quality of service and efficiency. It makes us proud to see satisfied repeat customers and referrals giving us continued business.

We care for all our customers and we would want them to have peace of mind even as we undertake the stump removal exercise. To achieve this, we have insured all our family members have been trained to the best of standards in the industry. Our pricing is also competitive and affordable even to residents and business people with a smaller budget.

Jest Washing

Homes and businesses in Hale, Bowden and Knutsford have also been benefiting from our innovative jet washing service on their driveways and patios. Our specialists high pressure equipment operates at about 250 bar, 3,600 psi which is more than 3 times the conventional jet washing machine.

Our ultimate goal is to eliminate those unwanted stripes and leave your surface uniformly clean. We don’t shy away from stating our virtues of punctuality, honesty, and reliability because they matter to us as they do to you. Our company is a family run business and formed since 1996 call to arrange a quote today!