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Tree Stump Removal

Trees are excellent additions to any garden or yard, but when they overgrow or encroach too much on your private space, it makes a lot of sense to fall some of them. While the cutting down and removal of trees is quite a hectic task, it may not mean much if the stump is not dealt with properly.

There are two main ways you can dispose of your tree stump: grinding or removal. The method you choose will be dependent on the size of the tree, the dynamics of its root system, as well as other considerations. At Cheshire Stump Removal, we have both the equipment and the expertise required to grind or remove stumps irrespective of the trees and their size.

Stump removal mainly involves cutting off the tree’s root system and then grounded away leaving the area clean and tidy. When dealing with large and old trees, removal can be difficult because the root systems may be too hard to take out. We have at our disposal machinery to remove small to very large stumps. We have a variety of machines that enable us to get through narrow access to reach your garden.

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Jet Washing

Our family trained team equipped with high end pressure washing equipment and ecofriendly detergents to give you amazing results within a short time. Once you contact us by way of phone or through online booking, we shall send a family member to your property for assessment of the area in need of pressure washing after which you will receive a quote. Upon confirmation, we shall send our friendly jet washing staff to do the cleaning job to your satisfaction. If you have never experienced freshly cleaned outdoor spaces, it is because you have never had the Cheshire Cleaning experience. Please note on block paving drives or patios re sanding is included within the quote.

Get in touch with us today for professional jet washing and tree stump removal services.

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Grinding Services

Our stump grinding techniques help us to grind down and shred the stump into chips and mulch. We can use the chips from the grinding operation to decorate the rest of your yard or use them as mulch or take them away. The tree stump grinder machines we use are handled by grinding services personal who are always insured and have protective gear. We are a local and family run business, always open to friendly advice.

We avoid using chemicals and tree stump killers that are poisonous to the soil microorganisms and other vegetation. All our grinding services are conventional and ecofriendly.

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Safety First

We use a variety of techniques to ensure safety throughout the operation when removing the tree stump. We first assess the job at hand so that we can plan how best to approach the removal. We have all the up to date Lantra up to date stump grinding certificates and all the up to date health safety policies.

Our family run team take great care and attention to makes sure we leave the area as clean and tidy as possible. Using the very best equipment for the job ensures we remove the stump without too much fuss. We use very safe techniques and always put safety first in all our work we carry out.

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